Road Ride W&OD Trail Reston, Herndon, Ashburn

So I've set myself a little challenge as the clocks have now gone forward and there's a little extra daylight time.  During the next 30 days I want to get out there and ride as many days as possible, possibly even turn it into a complete 30 days of riding.  It will help kick start my fitness for spring into summer and help me burn off the few excess winter lbs.

After yesterday's MTB ride its clear that the local trails will be nowhere near ready to ride for a good few days yet while they thaw & dry out completely.  Those who've been following the blog will know that I recently overhauled my Vintage Zebrakenko road bike so I decided to hit the W&OD trail and log some miles.

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I wanted to ride approx 20 miles or so and there's a nice out and back route on the W&OD trail heading up from Reston, VA, up into Ashburn.  It's a bright clear morning this morning however its still extremely cold and unfortunately the out section was riding into a freezing cold headwind.  I kept pushing on, reassuring myself that the wind would be behind me on the way back and the ride would be a lot more tolerable.  In essence, the sooner I could get to the turning point the warmer I'd be able to get.

The halfway point, shame it was closed
Indeed the ride back was much more pleasant and a few minutes quicker.  I'm definitely feeling a little fitter and I'm pleased to say the bike held up well.  I need to adjust the gear cables a little but all being well should be no more than 5 mins work.


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