BELL Stoker

High on this years Christmas list was a new helmet, something that will offer me a lot more protection when out trail riding than say my old Giro which I'll now use for commuting.

Having checked out several models and their online reviews, I wanted something sub $75 with lots of protection, ventilation and adjustability for that perfect fit.  There were a few that seemed to check the boxes in that list such as Giro Feature, which is also a very nice helmet.  However for sheer comfort the bell stoker seemed perfectly molded for the shape of my head.

Check out the YouTube video from the Bell team:

The Stoker comes neatly boxed, nothing too fancy here other than a sliding tray and a thin plastic cover sheet with a brief safety manual.

There are 13 vents in total in the helmet which utilizes an In-Mold Polycarbonate shell to make it a relatively light weight 316 grams.

13 Vents in the helmet, along with an adjustable blade visor.

Inside of the helmet there's plenty of padding and a simple wheel adjustment which can be done one handed and fits perfectly to my head.

Overall I'm very impressed by the look and feel of the helmet and can't wait for the trails to dry so I can test it out!


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