Fountainhead Green and Blue loops

Thankfully my knee injury has healed itself up pretty well and is now no longer troubling me.  All that has been standing in my way to getting out on the Goblin is the weather and a fresh round of snow here in Northern Virginia seemed like I would have to put any mountain bike ideas to one side for a little longer.

I woke up pretty early this morning (for a Saturday) at around 6.30am, and checked Facebook, to my delight Fountainhead's page said the trails were open!  I knew I'd only have a short window of time before they started thawing out so I grabbed my gear loaded up the car and headed out.

I was very pleased to see this sign when I arrived
The parking lot was almost empty and I must have been just about the only early bird to take advantage of the Facebook post.

The trails had been practically untouched with one possibly two bike tracks ahead of me in the remaining snow come ice.  This wasn't a fast paced ride by any means due to the trails becoming much more sticky as they started to thaw.  But all being said I'm extremely happy, I got my MTB fix, and some miles back in my legs, check out some pics from the ride below I can't wait until the next time!

Sparkling clean
The trail had been practically untouched

End of the ride and considerably dirtier than when I arrived


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