1UP USA Bike Rack

Having decided I wanted to go down the direction of having a hitch rack on my Land Rover, everything I read pointed in the same direction to the 1UP USA Quik Rack.  MTBR has a forum thread which at the time of writing is over 100 pages long with nothing but good things to say about the rack.  1UP USA is a small Wisconsin company that sells its products directly to the consumer through its website.

I went for the Quick Rack for 1.25" with the adapter for my 2" hitch as I wanted the flexibility should I ever change my car and at $299 its certainly not an impulse purchase but definitely something I want to be able to use for many years, an investment if you will.

I ordered the rack and paid the small amount for shipping, it arrived pretty fast after 3 or 4 days and I was pleasantly surprised by how small and neatly packaged it was.

Quik Rack as shipped
 Installing it on the car was pretty easy, the rack is not overly heavy and does not require a hitch pin, the 2" adapter is already pre installed.  Sliding it into the hitch receiver 1UP state that the ball needs to be inserted at least 2 inches.  You then tighten using the provided tool and you are good to go.

One of the best features of this rack is the ability to quickly lower the bike and access the trunk.  There's a spring loaded bar which allows you to tilt the rack and position it into one of the notches, the rack is incredibly stable and simple access the trunk is great.

I've now used the rack for several months and have found it to be incredibly durable easy to install and simple to use.  Being able to have the rack installed and bike in place within a matter of minutes is great.  If there were any cons to this rack it would be 1. I need to find another $200 or so if I want the add on to carry a second bike.  2. When installed the sensors on my car beep continuously when in reverse.


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