On One Lurcher Single Speed

Since I got the On-One Lurcher I'd been eyeing up the parts needed to make the On One Lurcher, single speed.  I've always fancied giving single speed a go with my mountain biking, but never taken the plunge. So when everything I needed arrived at Christmas I couldn't wait to give it a go.

The great the about the lurcher frame is that the dropouts are interchangeable so you can switch out the dropouts set for gears and put track style dropouts on by just changing a few bolts.  Coupled with a simple single speed sprocket and space set and a single speed chain its an easy transition to give it a go and very easy to convert back if I find it doesn't suit my riding style.

I managed to get out over the break and give it a go and can say I'm glad I gave it a try, I'll most likely switch back to gears over the summer and for racing but while the weather is less favorable to simplicity and ease of maintenance is a huge plus.  There were definitely a few moments where I moved my thumb to make a shift and quickly realised that I couldn't, therefore forcing me to exert that extra energy and crank it out.  I'll post back on here from time to time with my progress, the weather is pretty bad here in NOVA right now so I'll take my chances to get on the trail when I can.


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