2015 - New Year's Resolution Time

In the last couple of years mountain biking has become a big part of my life, I've always had a lot of hobbies, but mountain biking and cycling in general for that matter have proven to be constant. I'm now at that point with both of my bikes, (On-One Lurcher mountain bike) and (Kona Kapu road bike) whereby I'm happy, and the urge to upgrade and change components has waned a little.  This leaves a strange feeling that I've not experienced before.  I'll now only change things if they break or wear out and rather than replace like for like I'll aim to upgrade (unless of course I see a killer deal).

This has given me the opportunity to reflect on my purchases in 2014 and the hap hazard approach to spending, I have managed to sell off some parts to keep some money in the pot but in general there's been no set budget or plan for buying bike things.

This got me thinking, there must be a more disciplined and structured approach I can adopt for 2015.  My other two main activities soccer and pool, require me to pay dues every time I play.  Could I apply this same approach to my cycling and adopt a pay per ride approach?

So here's the plan, every time I ride I will put $10 in a savings account to be used to fund replacements, gear, etc.  If I can be disciplined enough to keep on top of it it should yield several main rewards.

1. A comfortable buffer should anything break, after a while there'll be money set aside without dipping into daily budgets.

2. An incentive to ride, if there's a new component I want or the latest gear, the more I ride the sooner I'll be able to afford to get it, in turn I should reap the health and fitness benefits.

3. An account dedicated to spending on cycling, making it straightforward to track the true cost of this wonderful way of life.

Here's to a 2015 that holds many rides!  Happy new year to you all.


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