On-One Performance Fit Base Layers

The last couple of weeks have seen it start to get cold here in Northern Virginia, the air feels much crisper and there is a definite chill.  This time of year means it time for a few more layers when out on a ride not only to keep the body warm but also to ensure the ride remains comfortable and enjoyable.

When purchasing the On-One Lurcher frame I was having a look around their site and came across their performance base layer clothes and their very agreeable price.  For winter riding I picked up the Performance Fit Long Sleeve top and the Seamless Base Pant, both were under $20 each.

In terms of fit there are two options for both, S/M or L/XL, I went for L/XL in both and the fit is great, they are extremely comfortable and fit snug, but definitely have room to stretch and accommodate if you are on the larger side.  One of the great things about the pants in particular is that they are long enough to comfortably cover your ankles and fit snugly into your socks giving that extra warmth.  The material is thick enough that it feels quality without feeling heavy.

I've ridden in these a couple of times now and can only say positives, at the price point I'm sure I'll order another set before the winter hits.


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