Fox Float Evolution 100mm

Having switched my Rockshox Rebas over to the On-One Lurcher frame they rode fine, however, the Lurcher has a tapered head tube and with my Sun Ringle Charger front wheel having the ability to run 9mm, 15mm or 20mm axles I wanted to see if I could take advantage of those options and stiffen the front end of the bike up.

I have to say I have been incredibly pleased with the Rebas to date, they are a straight steerer with 9mm quick release and I actually picked them up with 80mm of travel, which I increased by removing a spacer up to 100mm.  The Rebas have been a great fork and have required minimal maintenance.  I run an 1800mm rotor up front and one of the biggest things I have been able to notice with running the Rebas and the 9mm quick release is that there was a lot of flex on the front wheel when when breaking heavily.  To try and counter this the quick release had to be clamped down incredibly tight.

Rockshox Reba RL, 100mm, Straight Steerer, 9mm Quick Release
I set about searching the usual channels for a used deal with the following criteria:

  • 100mm travel
  • Tapered Steerer
  • Thru Axle
  • Air fork
  • Rebound and Lockout 
  • Budget of $200-$250

It didn't take long before Pinkbike's Buy/Sell Section threw up a set of Fox Float Evolution RL 100mm, within budget, having recently been rebuilt, coming with the all important tapered steerer and 15mm thru axle.

Fox Float Evolution RL, 100mm, Tapered Steerer, 15mm Thru Axle
Changing the forks over was an easy process, all it needed was a new crown race from the team at On-One to accommodate the tapered steerer.  All in I think the new fork suits the look of the bike well.

I did take it for a maiden voyage and there was some oil seepage on the stanchions, I'll keep an eye on it and likely replace the seals in the near future, so look out for a further post.


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