Review: Ryders Eywear - Caliber

Wearing eye wear when cycling is one of those things that almost go hand in hand with wearing a helmet or wearing gloves.  Not only can they reduce glare from the sun and adjust for lighting conditions but they also offer solid protection for those peepers.  This past summer I've been fortunate to be using a pair of Ryders Caliber Photochromatic glasses.

When choosing a set of glasses I first considered my type of riding, which is normally XC trails, either early morning or evening rides, with most trails being a mix of open sections followed by lengthy sections in wooded areas.  With this variance in lighting conditions I wanted a set of glasses that would be good, solid all rounders and not need constant lens changes to perform.

Ryders boldly claim that "A recent survey revealed that people love the CALIBER more than the feeling of clean bed sheets. This probably has to do with its optimal lens geometry that makes for full coverage and a great field of vision."

The photochromatic lenses are made using an injection process to ensure that they are optically correct to reduce eye fatigue and increase comfort.  The frames are constructed of solid glossy TR90 thermoplastic making them flexible and light weight.

One of the things that makes these glasses different to any other I've worn is the level of comfort, Ryders have put a lot of thought into things here and each of the contact points around the bridge of the nose and the arms of the glasses utilizes hydrophilic, anti slip technology.  Which i can honestly say grips perfectly and keeps them firmly in place whilst out for a ride.  So much so that on several occasions I've forgotten to take them off before removing my helmet and had to quickly save them from dropping to the floor.

All told these have been the best pair of mountain bike glasses I've owned, my only gripe with them is that sometimes when cleaning the lens can pop out a little too easily, this is fine if you were swapping lenses however when you need to give them an emergency wipe on the trail you need to be careful that the lens doesn't pop out and end up in the dirt.

The Bottom Line
A superb pair of glasses that offer endless flexibility, at an MRSP of $79.99 its a competitive price point that makes them a solid option against their rivals.  Overall I'd score these a 9/10.


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