Wednesdays at Wakefield Park 2014 Race Series - Week 3

Image courtesy of Potomac Velo Club
So as week 3 rolled around some pretty crazy thunderstorms hit the area around Dulles airport making me doubt if this week's race could even go ahead.  However making the wet drive home from work and checking Potomac Velo Club's website it said the race was firmly on.  I loaded up and headed out wondering if I was in for a soaking.  As I got towards the Annandale area it was as if the rain had missed it completely and the park was dry as a bone.

Starting week 3 of the series I almost felt a veteran, however the humidity was back so I knew I was in for a challenge.  This week I wanted to come up with a strategy which might help me keep my nose ahead.  So I lined up on the inside of the starting pack and once the starter set us off gave it my all to get up the hill as close to the leading pack as I could.  I wanted to hang on to that pack as much as possible throughout the first lap knowing that as fatigue kicked in I'd have given myself a solid cushion between the other riders who have been finishing around me.  This plan worked pretty well and I'd say I was in the first group of 10 riders to make it to the top and into the singletrack, I managed to keep up for approximately half a lap and then lost ground on the first steady climb (I hate climbing).

Into lap 2 I kept pushing as hard as I could knowing that the last few weeks have helped my discover the best lines to take, which points I need to grind it out and at which points I can grab a breather.  I was a few minutes slower on lap two but confident I was finding that little bit of consistency.

Lap 3 was almost a carbon copy of lap 2 and my pace was pretty consistent by now, I knew that last week's lack of concentration had caused me to fall in race 2 so I was conscious that I didn't let my mind wander.  I managed to complete the lap and finish with a good minute gap ahead of the next rider.  Hopefully the upcoming Holiday weekend gives me an extra chance to train and I can come back even stronger next race.

Sport male week 3 results


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