Brakes - Shimano Deore M615

I had previously used a set of Avid Elixr R brakes and although they served me fairly well, I'd found they were prone to rubbing the rotors (despite adjustment) a little noisy and a bit of a nuisance to bleed.  The time came with the Avids, where both sets of pads needed replacing.  At this point having always wanted to give Shimano hydraulics a go after reading great reviews it made sense for me to save the expense of the new pads, sell the Avid Elixrs and use those funds to buy new.

There's a lot of love out there for the Shimano XT and Shimano SLX brakesets however I could not find a bad review about the Shimano Deore brakes, but they cost significantly less.  There are some subtle differences between Shimano's mid range Deore brakes and the higher end versions however, most notably the lever reach adjustment which requires a tool on the Deore but the higher end models are tool less.  Also the calipers aren't as attractive being a plain black unit and to my surprise the pads are held in with a split pin rather than a pad bolt in the higher end versions.  This aside though they function similarly and I am extremely pleased that so far these have been a set and forget function pair of hydraulics, with solid stopping power.

Key features:
  • Opposed 2-piston design reduces leading effect and optimal pad wear increases braking control
  • Two piece calliper design is both ridged and durable
  • Hinged clamp design
  • Ergonomic alloy brake lever for optimum comfort and performance
  • Mineral oil brake fluid is non-corrosive and less hazardous than conventional hydraulic brake fluid
  • Shim-less mounting system allows for quick installation and setting up
  • Brake lever features reach adjustment for perfect custom fit

I've not yet had to bleed the brakes even after a DIY hose shortening completed by fooling this great guide from Epic Bleed Solutions: How to shorten Shimano brake hoses

Here's to many more miles!

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