Review: Mavic Pulse MTB Shoe

The Mavic Pulse MTB shoes were a Christmas present for me and a cost effective step up from the Specialized Primo MTB shoes I'd purchased off of eBay to dip my toe into the clipless waters.

Some of the main things I had on my priority list when looking for a new shoe was something that would be lightweight, durable and functional on the trail.  The shoes close using a 3 strap Velcro system and despite some other manufacturers inconsistent sizing, actually fit pretty true to size with plenty (but not too much) room across the toe box.  I like to get a snug fit and when pulling the Velcro straps across, but the fittings do feel a little flexy, particularly across the top strap, but I understand at this price point a ratchet system is not readily available.

Sole wise, it feels nice and stiff and there are no complaints there, the cleat plate provides the usual 4 screw holes to provide good adjustment options and most importantly when clipping into pedals there's more than enough clearance from the tread.  The tread also offers enough thickness so that the cleats don't touch the ground when not on the bike and walking.

The shoes have several mesh panels to allow for ventilation however beware if riding in wet conditions as this affects any waterproofing ability, this means that the first creek crossing of any ride often ends up in soggy feet for the next few miles.

Overall these are a solid shoe at an impressive price point and one that I'd definitely purchase again.


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