30 Days of riding, days 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

OK so a rather long update this one.  After last weekend, I'm afraid it was back on the trainer for the next 3 days but upon day 13 this is where sticking to spinning the legs for a full 30 days became a true challenge!

My wife and I had a few vacation days to use up with work and rather than doing the usual stuff we decided to do a mini road trip and make the drive down to slightly warmer climes and headed south to Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston Harbor
Charleston was a great place with lots of extremely interesting history and style of architecture that I'd never experienced before.  It also had a bustling nightlife and some great shopping.  We definitely weren't bored.

Anyway niceties over it was time to focus on exercising and maintaining the riding, thankfully the hotel had a gym/exercise room.  I must admit though I was a little disappointed to find a solitary recumbent exercise bike.  So here was my home and my go to solution for the next few days.

Not a position I am used to when cycling
The hotel gym offered a single recumbent

As much as I was hoping for something a little more exciting in the hotel gym than the recumbent to pass the next few days I have to say the view from our hotel room more than made up for it.  Who wouldn't want to wake up to this on a morning?
A room with a view: Charleston Waterfront
 Driving back we broke up the journey with an overnight stay in Raleigh, NC.  Again back to the hotel gym and this time yet another recumbent.

Another recumbent at Raleigh, NC

Looking South on Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC
As much I have enjoyed the mini get away I can't wait to get some more proper riding in!  Watch this space as the quest continues, hopefully with a more Adrenalin fueled next update.


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