30 Days of Riding day 8 - Fountainhead is drying out!

Day 8 already, I can't believe it is now over a week since I first started doing this.  Wherever possible and weather permitting Saturday mornings for me are for mountain biking.  With the local trails having been battered by the recent snow and no hard freeze overnight I wasn't sure I'd be able to give the Goblin a ride today.  I woke up stupidly early this morning for a Saturday and logged into Facebook, to my delight Fountainhead said the trail was open.

Arrival at Fountainhead.  New bike rack!! Write up to follow.
I arrived around 8am and got out there, although much more ride-able than last Saturday in the remaining snow and ice, the trails could be better, some areas rode fine while others are still rutted and a little sticky.  There was also a new problem as very few people had ridden the trail of late that there are lots of trees down along the way.  I was pleased to see that other than myself there were good Samaritans along the way moving some of the debris off the trail as the went, however, some was just too big to shift.

Too big to bunny hop?
Again it was pretty slow progress as I took my time riding round, but I can definitely feel myself getting much, much fitter.  A couple more rides and I'll be well on my way to getting 'Fountainhead fit'.  There's a race there towards the end of the month so with any luck I'll be able to enter and perhaps log a half decent time....watch this space.

Rowers training


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