Shimano PD M520

After setting my budget turbo trainer rig, one things that was getting on my nerves was having to switch pedals between the Goblin and my road bike so I could use the bike shoes when on the trainer.  As I have Shimano cleats and MTB not road shoes, it made sense to try and pick up a set of Shimano SPD pedals.  As usual I checked out my go to places for a bargain (Craigslist and eBay) and the best priced set I could find were the PD M520 used for around $25.  That seemed a little high for me as I seem to recall I snapped up my original pair for around $20 and they are extremely solid.  I switched my browser over to Google shopping and sorted by price Low to High.  Google shopping threw up the best price on Jenson at a little over $25 brand new and shipped for around $32 all in.

I've used these pedals for some time now but as I bought my original pair used I've never owned a new to me set.

All boxed up nice and neat
They also come with a fresh set of cleats
The thing I like about these pedals is they are easy to get in and out of should you need to get a foot down quickly and the tension is adjustable.  They offered a nice scope to learn and getting used to riding clipless as I started out with the tension as loose as it would go to build confidence, and now I ride them approximately in the middle of their range.  Each turn of the 3mm hex forces a small click so you can count the clicks and ensure the tension is the same on both sides.

Tension is adjusted with a 3mm hex.  I like to loosen them all the way out and then tighten for approx 10 clicks
How to install and remove bike pedals

After adding a little grease to the thread I screwed them in remembering that they are R & L specific and tighten towards the front on both the drive side and non drive side.

The pedals are fitted with a 15mm wrench or 6mm hex from the opposite side.
After that all is good to go and I'm ready to ride without having to swap pedals between bikes.


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