Weather, Injuries and Expresso Interactive Fitness Bike

My bike has never been so clean.  The continued below freezing and icy temperatures here in northern Virginia are helping me keep well on the road to recovery and not be tempted to get out and do any serious rising before my injury heals.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I fell off while riding back in England and split my knee.  Well shortly after that was just over the hill and on the road to recovery I decided to play soccer...for the first time in 2 years!  Needless to say I banged the same knee which promptly swelled up and three weeks later I'm sporting some nice purple and yellow bruising indicating a ligament strain.  Thankfully its healing well and it is nothing more than just a strain but not being one to sit around I've turned to the cycles in the gym to keep my legs spinning and my cardio levels up as best I can.

Some nice bruising on the back of my knee
I've always found exercise bikes a little boring and I don't think my knee is ready to hold up to a spin class, so I was particularly pleased when I came across an expresso interactive exercise bike in the gym this morning.  I've never seen or used one before but essentially you set yourself up as if you are on a real bike, with handlebars that turn and buttons that simulate gear shifters.  There was a choice of programs, I picked to start off with a virtual tour which included gradients, a pacer and other riders to overtake.  following that i played a game where you had to grab coins and cycle around to catch dragons, a strange concept but surprisingly fun.  Needless to say, until I'm able to get out again for real I'll be hoping I can jump on this machine to inject a bit of excitement into my exercise bike time in the gym.

Upright Bike

Expresso interactive fitness bike



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