The Clear Out

Time for a clear out!

The time comes to us all, too many bikes lying around, an overflowing parts bin and that unfaltering desire to constantly tweak, upgrade and get the latest items.  Having invested a small sum in the Goblin, I need to get back some cash to help offset the cost and free up some funds for the future upgrade kitty.

Having already swapped bars, stem, seat post and seat onto the Goblin, the Skyhawk already looked a little sorry for its self.

Skyhawk pre strip down

An hour or so with the tools reduced the bike to a shell of its former self and the following parts to sell:

It’s the intention to sell items that I can ship easily on eBay anything bigger, frame, wheels etc I’ll look to Craigslist first, check back in a in a few days to see my sale results.


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