New Gloves: Giro DND

We all have one of those DOH! moments from time to time in life and one of my happened, just the other day.  I came back off a ride and eager to check my time on Strava I quickly threw off my Alpinestars gloves and threw them on top of the car.  In my haste to get back I packed the bike into the car quickly threw my helmet and hydration pack in the passenger seat foot well and drove off.

With my muddy gear the wife makes sure I don’t walk all through the house and I have to throw everything in the gloves, hmmm DOH!  At the cost of $10 originally it was pretty uneconomical to drive 30 mins back to the trail head in the hope that I could still find them so the search was on for a new pair and the promise that I’d not be so stupid again.

Criteria for new gloves:
  • XL
  • Black
  • Under $15
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Not heavily padded

This led me to the Giro DND gloves on Jenson for $13.99 the mustard palm color is a little funky and if budget wasn't a set requirement I may have chosen something different however I figured no one will see the palm while I’m riding and they are bound to fade over time.

I’ll throw up a review as soon as they arrive and I've had chance to give them a go.