New Gloves: Giro DND - First Ride

At the weekend, I finally got chance to give the new gloves their first ride and I'm pleased to say they held up well.  They are nice and light which is great for me as my hands always seem to sweat when riding, no matter how cold it gets (perhaps its the white knuckle factor) and they are a  great fit.

They have a couple of slits across the knuckle to allow the index and middle fingers to flex easily and some extra grippy print on the thumb and first two fingers, which helped to make gear changing and breaking a doddle.                                                                                        

On the whole I found the gloves to be a great budget buy, the only area that does let them down though is the padding on the palm, there's a couple of areas that are given extra reinforcement but this is nothing more than double thickness, so I'm not sure how long it will hold up.  Either way I like the gloves and the price, and I'll run them until they wear out, if its seems they aren't going to be long lasting I'll keep my eye for something different in one of the upcoming sales and report back!

Ready for the washing machine


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